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Hold on - how do you justify that.

The votes were (I think) 10 to delete and 9 against.

Some Questions

Having just turned up after the war has finished as it were, I'm left with a number of questions that perhaps someone could answer.

Biddulph's language, if the Lord's Prayer text is a fair sample, is just a pick and mix job put together from Middle Breton and Unified Cornish, not by any means the distant common ancestor of Cornish and Breton before they developed their separate identities. Are there any other substantial texts in this language? How serious was Biddulph, did he really think he was reconstructing the parent language, or was he just having a bit of fun (and why not?) throwing together a sort of cornu-brettonic esperanto? If so, the Devonians have perhaps hoaxed themselves by trying to seal their identity with such an insubstantial creation.

While the language itself may have no historical validity, the fact that it has been seized upon by some activists in Devon as a badge of identity, is I think of interest, although it should perhaps be documented under sociology or politics. Who is using this language, how and why? How long has this been going on? Are there any rival reconstructions? Has anyone thought of starting from the Old Cornish Vocabulary for example, or perhaps getting a skilled conlanger to run up a bespoke language; I know of several who could do a far better job than Biddulph seems to have done.

Mongvras 00:46, 26 Jun 2005 (UTC)